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Letter 1

We want to let you know how pleased we are with the beautiful Belgard flagstone style paver patio that you installed for us this summer. Beginning with our first contact with Bill Bailey, Senior Project Manager, to the end of the work, the entire project reflected a high degree of professionalism, expertise, extraordinary craftsmanship and customer service.

Bill's description of the installation process and his assistance in selecting the paver style that complimented our garden was thorough, patient and responsive to our questions and concerns. His low-key approach and grace were key factors in our decision to proceed with the work.

Bill and Darren, Pavers and More Contractor/owner, told us that the installation team were experts. Not only were they experts and artisans they were courteous and responsive to our questions and requests. Darren said he make any changes to our garden lighting and irrigation system needed to accommodate our new patio design and he kept his promise. Also he personally checked in with us daily to be sure that all was going well.

In summary, we are very pleased with all aspects of the project and would highly recommend Pavers and More, without hesitation. Daily, we go out onto the patio and smile knowing we have a beautiful addition to our yard.

Toni and Jerry Y. Sacramento, CA.


Letter 2

We had a great experience with Pavers and More. The communication and customer service was exceptional. The workforce was a team of hard workers who did a superior job. Despite all my research, I was surprised at how beautiful our retaining wall and patio were when the project was completed. The backyard is now an extension of our living space.

Charles & Donna H. Sacramento, CA.


Letter 3

Bill, Darren and the whole crew of Pavers and more were amazing! From start to finish they did a terrific job. They transformed our back yard, driveway and front walk into a beautiful setting. They completed 2,200 SF of pavers with amazing efficiency and artisan skill. The whole project was completed quickly without sacrificing any attention to detail. The quality of their work and attitude couldn't be better. We highly recommend them (and have many times). Everyone that we've recommend them to have loved their work.

Nathan S. Sacramento, CA.


Letter 4

Great Customer Experience! 5 stars customer service 5 stars work ethic and professionalism 5 stars in great attitude thru adversity 5 stars quality of craftsmanship. I cant wait to live with my new hardscape.

Lorelei C. Grass Valley, CA.


Letter 5

Just a quick note of thanks. Our pavers are in and we couldn't be happier.
We chose the right pavers and color. They really look great out there. We really appreciate all of your guidance with this project. Fast tracking the project for last week was a great idea, plus....we now have our pavers.
Plus, it was a lot of fun talking with you and working through all the things we needed to know. Darren is a great guy. I had fun talking with him whenever he came over. He is a real class act. I can see why you like working with him. Finally his crew of guys are great. I have never seen a more diligent, skilled and hard working bunch of guys in my life. Each day, when they arrived, it wasn't more than 3 minutes before they were hard at work doing whatever it was they needed to do that day. Plus, their attention to detail was top notch. Making sure every little detail was perfect. Washing off my hose that got muddy. Patching the foundation under the door that was ding ed up a bit. Seeing how they cut and placed the pavers to match the complex curves (at least they looked complex to me) is amazing. I just heard my wife in the background saying, "I love our patio, It is just gorgeous". Now that is worth a lot!!

Having a project such as this come out perfect is great. Working with a great group of guys to get it done is just frosting on the cake.

Thanks again
Eric S. Elk Grove


Letter 6

The job looks terrific and the wife is even happier than I expected. Your crew was everything you said they would be; very hard working, very good at their tasks, and really did a good job of cleaning up. With the poor experiences I have had with other contractors recently, Darren and the Pavers and More crew was right on top of things and proved there are still reliable people out there doing high quality work.

Thanks to all and we look forward to the enjoyment of our new spaces.
Tom G. Newcastle


Letter 7

My home is more beautiful with the pavers. I appreciate the quality, thoughtful work done with the driveway, path, steps, porch and patio. The raised planter is a work of art. The color, pattern of the layout, and amazing precise work done to create the curves is amazing. My home resembles the cobblestone roads of Europe.

J. Tudesko, Sacramento


Letter 8

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for Pavers and More Inc dba Morris construction Group's exceptional performance on the Diablo Valley College D-611 project. Please express my gratitude to all of the project personnel and those from your office who supported them. Your company's good work and collaborative approach helped to deliver a high quality project to a happy client. I am truly grateful that you have chosen to work with Flint and I look forward to working together in the future.

John, President


Letter 9

We cannot thank you enough for the incredible job you did paving our driveway. Every step of the job was easy and pleasant. Larry was very informative and patient as we chose the pavers, the job was done on schedule, and the crew were very friendly, efficient and kept their work area orderly, which we appreciated. Darren was very responsive to our questions - he is clearly very knowledgeable, and we enjoyed working with him. We were very impressed that the owner of the company spent so much time on our job site. Our driveway has been transformed, and we cannot thank Pavers and More enough. We highly recommend them.

Tim and Carol, Shingle Springs


Letter 10

We just finished the final walk thru with Darren and it looks fabulous! We are so thrilled to have this project completed during the winter break and ready to welcome our kiddos back to school in the new year. I want to thank you, Darren and your entire crew for making this dream a reality for Crocker/Riverside. It truly was a pleasure working with you all.

Cristi H. Crocker Riverside PTA President


Letter 11

We selected Pavers & More to replace our driveway and transform our front yard from a forest of 5 large trees to a patio area and artificial turf. In 4 days they dug up the concrete and large roots, laid the foundation layer, laid the pavers and installed the grass and cleaned everything up. The crew worked diligently and artistically and Darren, the owner, personally oversaw the project. In addition, Pavers & More charged almost half of cost of a competitor. We would highly recommend them.

Dan H., Sacramento


Letter 12

We used Pavers and More to install pavers in our garden. They are a terrific company because they work well as a team and do the job as it was promised and then, totally follow up if there is anything that needs adjusting. They are worthy of trust because they keep their word. I would recommend them to anyone because they are hones and also, they really do nice work.

Dolores F. Sacramento


Letter 13

The first time I used Pavers and More I had wanted to replace an ugly patio that we had installed when I had first moved to the house 18 years ago. Selecting the right person to do this type of work is hard...especially concrete cause it is so permanent.
I kept putting off trying to find someone and then one Saturday my friend invited me to go to a barbeque with her over in Sun City. OMG when I saw their backyard I had to find out who had done their paving work. Their backyard looked like something out of Sunset magazine with the pavers that were there and all the work they had done. I got the info and called about a month later. Bill came out to give me an estimate - I wasn't sure about the color so he was so nice he had me go over to his house and have his wife show me the ones they had installed. It was such a good job and I loved the color - I had the same ones put in. In 3 days they tore out my out patio, installed not only the large patio but had a walkway installed from the side yard to patio, another patio area torn out and replaced where my table sits with a sitting wall and lights and a circle installed in the center of lawn for a fountain. Pavers are an addiction to me and now two years later just had my grass on my side yard torn out and replaced with the same pavers and lights. AND that was complete in two days. Now my next project will be the front yard...maybe with a courtyard too. Darrin the owner is great too and Bill is the best and all the other employees are so nice.
I would highly recommend them!!!

Jo Ann A. Roseville


Letter 14

We are very satisfied with the pavers your team installed in the access area that fronts our home and in the way the work was performed. Our objective of enhancing the environment and appearance of our home was accomplished. Viewing the sample paver parking area at Silverado was very helpful and once we narrowed our choices of pavers, the samples you brought to our site helped finalize what turned out to be an optimum selection. It resulted in a very harmonious melding of the entry area, the landscaping, and the color shades of the home and garage at various time of the day. The pavers were installed in a very craftsman-like way and the job is fundamentally sound.

We appreciate the friendly helpfulness of the crew in altering features around the site, in the disposal of spoils from excavation, and saving the gravel that covered the paved area prior to improvement. It contrasted with the common "hurry to complete the job attitude" of other contractor crews during the construction of our home. There was a willingness to alter the distribution of pavers when certain accent colors were overly concentrated in one spot. The crew did a good job of cleaning the work area and leaving the job site in good order. Your crew was great and we will welcome them when they do our future patio area.

Sincerely, Roland and Juanita
Diamond Springs


Letter 15

Dear Darren, Bill, Jose, and Crew,

I am a customer who notices every detail, and wants only the very best. Thank you for giving me everything I had hoped for.

Bill, you are a terrific salesperson. Your bid was fair, your style was not pushy. I must say I was shocked by another company’s hard sell, including immediately dropping the price 30% when I said the quote was too high. Bill, even after the contract was signed, you were responsive with every detail I needed.

Darren, you are truly a man of honor. I appreciate your “can do” attitude, your thoroughness, and your presence throughout the job. You obviously set the tone for your crew.

Jose and crew, your patience with me is commendable. As I examined every cut and every curve, you graciously moved borders inches here or there to make it all perfect for me.

My husband and I now have about 1800 square feet of pavers that look absolutely terrific. Our home was rather nondescript before the pavers went in. Remarkably, now the house stands out.

I am delighted. Many thanks!

Alice from East Sacramento


Letter 16

Dear Bill,

I apologize for this late dated thank you and customer evaluation of the excellent workman ship and quality installation of our back yard by Pavers and More, Inc. I was very impressed that after meeting you for measuring our yard we actually got to meet Mr. Darren Morris, the owner/president of Pavers and More, Inc..

I also appreciated the knowledge that your company had its own, loyal, well trained work crews and that you did not employ untrained extra workers just to get more jobs. Your crews were always on time, well dressed in clean work clothes, and very polite and respectful to my wife and me. I have never seen such a well-trained crew work so hard and cooperate with one another almost without being told what to do. When the team-leader asked another member of the crew to do a task, he often showed him what he need done and often helped him get started.

I realize that several of the coworkers were related, but that fact was never noticeable, they all worked so well together. When these workers were thirsty they grabbed a bottled water and kept working. The only time I saw the crew sit down was for a 30 minute lunch break. Cell phone use only at lunch time, or when the crew chief was communicating with Mr. Morris about job related business. And speaking of Darren Morris, he was on site every day; overseeing the progress, getting needed materials and helping his crew with some tasks. Having Darren on site every day was very reassuring that our job was being completed professionally. Our "new hardscaped back yard" is awesome. It is open, colorful and with the new landscape plants adding to our beautiful sanctuary we are so thankful every day to Pavers and More, Inc., Mr. Darren Morris, his fantastic crew and you Bill.

Dr. Frank and Valerie Carmichael


Letter 17

Dear Pavers And More,

Thank you for all your help with our deck installation. We love it! Please extend my thanks to the crew-they were meticulous, both in the installation process and their clean up. It has been wonderful doing business with you.

Nick & Amy


Letter 18

From our initial contact with consultant Larry Pierce and final inspection with owner Darren Morris, their services have been excellent.

Larry clearly explained all the colors, types, etc. of many various types of pavers.

Darren ensured that all of the installation was completed in a high standard.

The installation crew always arrived on schedule and accomplished their work in a timely manner. They were very careful not to damage any of our flower beds, trees and plants. They showed great craftsmanship when trimming and cutting the pavers to fit around different inspection covers. The crew was good about cleaning up after each step of the installation and left with the patio looking very nice.

We the undersigned are very pleased with Pavers And More and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Leona & Pat Woodland


Letter 19

Dear Larry,

Just a brief note of thanks for the recent Pavers And More work performed at Chez Mauel. To say the least, the outcome is spectacular. Both the pool deck and the driveway gather kudos from all who see them.

Please convey our compliments to all the crew…Their skills, efforts and commitment to the project were exemplary. They are a great asset to Pavers And More…and you are a pretty valuable player, too!

Feel free to use us as a referral for any of your future customers. We would be more than happy to show off your work and vouch for the quality and thoroughness of your installations.

Yours truly,
Hank and Cindy


Letter 20

Dear Pavers And More,

We are delighted with our new drive and walkway! Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!! And it was painless since it only took 2 and a half days to complete.

In addition, everyone (salesman, owner, workmen, and office staff) was courteous, helpful, patient and punctual: that is, we never had to wait and wonder if and when they were coming. And the price was thousands of dollars less than the closest competitor!

Our neighbor was equally impressed (after scrutinizing the whole project) and immediately hired Pavers And More to redo their driveway and walkway. Hopefully all the other neighbors that have been admiring our driveway will decide to redo theirs-so the whole street will look fabulous!!

In a nutshell, we thank everyone at Pavers And More for our beautiful new drive and walkway and enhanced curb appeal. Our sincere advice is: Don’t wait!

Most sincerely
Don and Joanne


Letter 21

Dear Bill,

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much Elliot and I appreciated all you did to facilitate your company’s design and installation of our beautiful new Calstone Quarry Stone pavers in Rustic Yellowstone….in the lovely patio and the artistically placed paths throughout the garden. Our new driveway is a work of art and like the patio and pathways is simply stunning! Both have greatly added to the beauty and the enjoyment of our home and have surely enhanced its value.

We were both impressed with the time ad concern you took with us, beginning with the initial estimate consultation, when you listened to our wishes and concerns and answered all our questions about the products and the benefits, outlining what we should expect throughout the whole process.

You patiently explained the various options and gave explanations of all the steps as well as what to expect as the installation proceeded. You then recommended that we go to A&A Stepping to see the different pavers before we made our decision. You were responsive to every question we had, and you kept us informed at all times of how the different phases were progressing.

Whenever there was the slightest change in plan, you immediately informed us by phone or email, or both! We appreciated your willingness to come to our home, more than once, to discuss the details and make sure we understood all the plans before the job began.

We thank you for coming back after the installation was complete, to share in our pride at the new look to our property, to take photos and send them to us…..and to show your appreciation for our business.

The quality of the workmanship, the dedicated work ethic of the crew of installers, the company policy of making the customer happy, and the personal attention to detail are not the sort of service that one finds very often these days.

Kudos to Pavers And More, to owner Darren Morris, and to you Bill Bailey!! You are quite a team and made this home improvement project a real example of how such things should be done.



Letter 22

To whom this may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to memorialize my satisfaction with Pavers and More and specifically with owner Darren Morris on his performance at the Rosemeade Apartments pool area. The project came out in spectacular fashion and has literally transformed the property.

Darren went above and beyond what anyone would reasonably expect a contractor to do. We at Con Am Management knew Darren was special when he took our project plans and showed us some design ideas that ultimately were incorporated in the pool area. His comprehensive scope and expertise with code matters made us even more comfortable with our selection.

Further, during the pre-construction meeting with the other contractors Darren exhibited leadership and a cooperative spirit that set the tone for the entire job.

Finally, the project turned out beautifully. Darren’s attention to detail and quality control was evident in every part of his scope of work.

It is rare to find people contractors like Darren Morris and he merits our highest recommendation.

Michael Adler


Letter 23


This letter I am writing to you because of the outstanding service and product your company delivered to us. You have permission to use this letter on your website.

Our prior driveway was a cement driveway. The small cracks we had became larger cracks thanks to local tree roots, UPS delivery trucks, rain water, sprinkler water, cold weather, hot weather, too long of a span between wood joints, etc. I was happily surprised when your bid for a paver installation cost about the same as cement replacement, but your installation looks much better, comes with a lifetime warrantee, its much easier to patch repair, if damaged, and heavy trucks will not phase this one foot deep install of aggregate, special sand and pavers.

I was very pleased with the work I saw from your company repairing parts of our 25 year old paver street in our homeowner association. Because of this work, almost thinking it was a waste of time, I asked for a bid to replace our old concrete cracked driveway. When Larry presented the bid to me, I was happy to see your company's bid within $100 of a bid to replace our driveway with cement. I knew over time, the cement would probably crack again. The cement warranty was very limited. Your warranty was for a lifetime. I was concerned that UPS trucks would be coming onto our driveway in the future and you put right into the contract that the warranty included trucks driving on it. That was impressive to see your company back up claims in writing.

Larry was very helpful and patient with our decision-making process picking out the right pavers for our installation. We knew ahead of time what to expect. That is what we got. When we flirted with driveway lights, Larry knew the best kinds. He brought a suitcase that had some lights for us to see. The ones we selected were exactly the ones your company installed.

The paver installation took place as you said it would. We knew what to anticipate. You kept on schedule. We appreciate that. The connections you made for the lights were top notch. The soldering and heat wrapping should keep them waterproof, the LED lights themselves should last a long time, and the connection boxes you installed outside the driveway should make future maintenance much easier. The overall job was handled professionally and efficiently from the sale through the installation. Thank you for running such a competent company.

Dick and Sam


Letter 24

Pavers and More,

My wife and I want to say thank you for doing such an outstanding job with our paver patio and pool deck. The entire process from start to finish was truly amazing and the before and after photos speak for themselves.

First off we would to say thank you to Bill Bailey. Bill Bailey was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. But most of all he wasn’t pushy when it came to selling us on your company. Bill took time to answer questions in a very honest and up front manner which we appreciate more than we can say. After enduring a few quotes from other companies it was nice to talk to Bill because he wasn’t trying to push us into a decision. It’s rare to deal with someone such as Bill.

Before choosing your company you took the time to drive almost an hour to our home to do a site inspection without knowing for sure that we would choose Pavers and More. After meeting with Bill and Darren in person it was clear that you are very knowledgeable and have a passion for what you do. After talking to Bill and Darren in person it was clear that you were the right fit. My wife and I didn’t want to have just any contractor come to do the work. We wanted someone who would be respectful of our property and deliver as promised. From beginning to end you were professional, respectful, and delivered exactly as promised.

Throughout construction your crew worked very hard, was meticulous, and respecting of our home. Jose and crew did an amazing job in our backyard. We are blown away that they were able to complete the work from beginning to end in 5 days!! Wow! And they put everything back as if they were never here and did anything. If it weren’t for the pavers in our backyard no one would have guessed you guys did any work. My neighbors are shocked that you guys were in and out in 5 days without leaving a trace.

The pavers look amazing and family and friends are blown away when they see our new patio and pool deck.

I would like to thank Darren for building an amazing and honorable company. Pavers and More has set such a high standard that I don’t think I will see again… least until we have them come back to do the front of our house.

Thank you Darren, Bill and Jose for doing an amazing job.

Without a doubt we highly recommend Pavers and More to anyone looking for pavers.

Kind Regards,
John and Patricia Silveria