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PAVERS: The Ultimate Hardscape?
“Creating Beautiful Faces on Outdoor Spaces”


Interlocking paving stones have a long history. Over 2000 years ago the Romans used tightly fit cut stone on an aggregate base to create superior roads that are still in use today. Today’s paving stone system uses modern technology to create precision concrete interlocking paving stones in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors.

Properly installed paving stones for driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks won't crack, sag, shift or separate. They are considered the ultimate hardscape for beauty, elegance and durability.

Many homeowners have admired paving stone driveways and patios and been curious about them but have often been told they are too expensive. While pavers do cost more than some hardscapes, they are far more affordable than people realize.

We asked Darren Morris, Owner and Contractor of Pavers And More in Elk Grove to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners about paving stones.

Question: We are considering both interlocking pavers and stamped concrete for our new patio are there big differences between the two?
Answer: Stamped Concrete can look very beautiful, unfortunately it is still concrete, and may crack. Adding color and patterns to stamped concrete may enhance the over all look of it however these also make it hard to patch if cracks do occur. Interlocking pavers are individual units or 'bricks', and the natural sand filled joints between each paver will have some 'give' when pressure, expansion or contraction, is present. This ‘give’ eliminates the cracking inherent to conventional asphalt and stamped concrete. Pavers are also much stronger than concrete. Concrete is tested to withstand approximately 3,000 PSI, and pavers are tested in excess of 8,000 PSI. Also, most pavers come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking.

Question: Do I need to hire a designer for my paver project?
Answer: If you are one of those talented enough to design your own outdoor environment you should still consult with a professional paving stone contractor before beginning your project. Often times due to slopes, soil content or other factors you may need to do some prep work to ensure the outcome is what you are looking for. Pavers And More offers free design consulting and no obligation bids.

Question: Which type of paver is better?
Answer: There are very little differences between paving stones in general. All paver manufacturers follow industry standards to insure each paver has compressive strength, proper water absorption rate, and correct abrasion index. Most manufacturers guarantee their pavers against chipping or breaking for life. Pavers and More has a lifetime warranty for all their installations.

Question: After I've had my pavers installed, should I seal them?
Answer: It is an individual decision. A good sealer will protect the pavers from spills and stains for 3-4 year periods. When it is sealed it only takes a hose to clean it off. We use penetrating sealers that protect your pavers from most spills and stains.

Darren has been in the construction industry for over 30 years, and even served 8 years in the U.S. Navy Construction Batallion, (better known as “The SeaBees”). He started Pavers and More in 2002 and has installed hundreds of paving stone driveways patios and pool decks, as well as garden walls and retaining walls, throughout the Northern California area. Darren is a licensed contractor and ICPI certified concrete paver installer.

Pavers and More, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company located in Elk Grove, with over 30 years experience in the construction industry. Proudly servicing Northern California since 2002.

At Pavers and More we use our own crews for all of our installations. Therefore, we warrant all materials and workmanship of the interlocking paving stone installation for as long as the original purchaser lives in the home.

We also offer up to 6 months same as cash available for all installations, at zero interest, and zero payments.

We are ICPI certified, and we'll also provide you a list of homes we've worked on in your neighborhood so you can personally see our true professionalism and quality.

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